About us

Hi everyone, thanks for coming over to my blog. We’re the Marvell’s (well, with one not a Marvell but shhhh!) we consist of Chloe, Ryan and Freddie and I thought I’d write a little about who we are! We’re from the UK and live and work in a big town called Swindon. I’m a full-time working mum as is Ryan a full-time working dad and we also are parents to Freddie!


I’m Chloe and the one behind the posts, I’m 22 and whilst being a full-time mama to Freddie, I’m girlfriend to Ryan, a school teaching assistant and also have my own online business! I love children, hence why I work with them and decided to have my own, I’m also an auntie to 4 special little people who fill my world with craziness but pure love and excitement. I decided to set up this blog, firstly as a way of sharing my experience of being a young mum and because I struggled so much to get out what I felt, but now its a blog for everything and anything. I love writing and within my 21 years of life, I have been through a hell of a lot and if I can share what I’ve been through and help others, I’d have achieved one of my biggest goals and I want to do that here.

Then there’s Ryan, my boyfriend and Freddie’s wonderful daddy and he’s 24. Me and Ryan have been together almost 5 years with a years break. We took a break (that ended up being longer than we expected) because we were both in different places and things between us weren’t working and it was for the best. Taking the break was the best thing for us as when we got back together, we were happier and stronger than ever and we are now. Finding out I was pregnant was a MASSIVE shock to us and did rock us a little, but here we are – nearly a year into being parents and couldn’t have asked for a better life that we are now living. 

Finally, our Freddie. Freddie was the missing puzzle piece to our lives that we didn’t even know we needed and every single day, we thank our lucky stars for him. He is the most incredible little baby, he’s so clever and gorgeous (yes, we’re bias!) and he makes us sooooo happy, there isn’t a day that we don’t laugh! Freddie was a month premature but is thriving in every area and has caught up brilliantly. He’s began sitting up, rolling over and babbling away non-stop and we’re loving life as parents and want to share our journey as first-time, young parents with the world.

So, that’s a little about us, I’m sure you’ll find out more as this blog comes along.