Brush, brush, brush your teeth.. Bamboo style!

Hey hey everyone!

So I’m actually doing what I said I was gonna do (SHOCK) and I’m consistently writing. Woo. I wanted to keep on a topic that has a lot to do with my own life right now, which is reviewing and testing new products. We’ve recently very kindly been #GIFTED some new toothbrushes from Bamboo & Co, they come in a 5 pack and have a variety of colours. We have been trying them out for about a week now and I thought it was right to give my verdict on them! So…

They’re made from 100% organic, biodegradable and sustainable Moso bamboo and the packaging is also 100% recyclable, they’re a very sturdy toothbrush with a nice soft bristle brush and makes cleaning teeth really nice.IMG_0238 All 3 of us have been using them and they’re a thumbs up from us! I have always used a standard plastic toothbrush you purchase from the local supermarket but I don’t want to use another toothbrush again! These toothbrushes are the same as a normal one, but just so much better for our planet, which I have become quite passionate about. There are 5 colours within the pack and of course being the only girl in our family, I wanted the pink one; but Freddie had other ideas and is currently obsessed with the pink one and only the pink brush!

IMG_0236The sturdy wooden handle, gives you great control when getting into the tricky parts of your mouth to clean and the bristles are a nice size therefore the brushing movement is consistent. All of our mouths have been feeling very clean after brushing our teeth and it’s also been super fun for Freddie as he’s currently obsessed with brushing his teeth and the choice of colours for him has really excited him.. but he still always chooses pink!!


Regardless to the actual role of the toothbrush which overall, a really great product; my favourite thing isn’t how well the toothbrush cleans teeth but how friendly it is to our planet. It’s no hidden fact that global warming is worsening each day and changes need to be made to help and I am quite big on this. IMG_0240I try and make little changes here and there to do my bit including – less plastic usage, recycling, going for products with recyclable packaging etc. and these toothbrushes definitely are going to be the perfect fit in trying to do our bit for the planet.


The whole toothbrush is recyclable and inside the package, you get an instruction sheet on how to disassemble the bristles from the brush and how to properly dispose of them which is handy as I’d have never known.  We all cannot wait to carry on using these brushes, giving us sparkly clean whites, whilst helping the planet at the same time.

Thank you so much Bamboo & Co for kindly gifting us these and making such great planet-friendly toothbrushes! Use the link to shop! Bamboo Toothbrushes 

Love, Chloe xo



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