Snufflebabe Nasal Drops Review – #ParentSquad

Hello everyone, hope you are all well! We’re back on the blog today with a review of one of our favourite products that we have been using since Freddie was first born. This time around, we get to review it because we have recently become product testers for Emma’s Diary’s, ParentSquad. We’re super happy to be a part of this squad and what better way to kick it off than reviewing the Snufflebabe Nasal Drops. 


Snufflebabe® offers the UK’s No1 baby nasal decongestant range. Developed for parents, by medical experts, the range works to ease congestion in babies and young children, helping them with sleeping, eating and breathing. The range is trusted by parents for colds and sniffles, to clear babies from blocked noses. Easing congestion can ease the stress in babies and parents alike.


It’s that time of year again, where all I am wearing is Freddie’s snot, phlegm and sick. We have unfortunately had numerous of visits to doctors, the hospital and our urgent care centre and every doctor we have seen, has told us differently. We finally got some answers and Freddie’s had a severe missed viral infection which has now developed into a really bad chest infection, snotty cold with inflamed tonsils and red ears.

IMG_9909We’ve had to rely on Calpol & Nurofen, which hardly did anything for him and he just kept getting worse until this little bottle of magic arrived! Freddie has been struggling to breathe whilst sleeping, eating and generally due to his awful chest, but a few squirts of this and it’s already so much easier for him & we finally have been getting some sleep again. This has been a saviour for us, it’s made Freddie more relaxed and comfortable before some antibiotics were prescribed as well as helping to shift some of the rubbish in his sinuses. 

Getting it into his nose, can be sometimes quite the task as he isn’t a lover of us trying to clean it, let alone attempt to shove something up it. However, the nozzle of the bottle is very thin meaning it’s the perfect size to fit inside the nostril and then all that’s left to do, is give a gentle squeeze on the bottle and some of the liquid will enter the nose and begin to clear and decongest. 


As mentioned above, Snuffle babe has a range of products and over the past year and a half, I have used the majority of them. These nasal drops are one of my favourite products, but I am also a lover of the vapour rub, vapour oil and the Nasal Aspirator. This nasal spray teamed with the snot sucker is a must-have combo during these snot-filled winter months! As disgusting as it sounds, the Aspirator, or as I like to call it… the Snot Sucker – is perfect for clearing your baby’s nose whilst they don’t understand the term ‘blow your nose’.You put one end in your baby’s nostril and use the other end to suck and it clears out the yuckiness that is up there! Both these products are a great way, I personally find; to keep your baby as decongested as possible. The vapour rub is a child’s version of Vickes and I tend to put some on Freddie’s back and chest and on his feet with a pair of socks. As for the vapour oil, it’s again their version of Olbas oil and I put a few drops on Freddie’s blanky, comforter and on his sheet in his cot! We have also recently began to use the spray version of the nasal drops, I am again a lover of this product but do find it harder to get into Freddie’s nose as he is so wriggly and gets upset with me trying to hold it in there and spray it at the same time. So, for us; the nasal drops work much better. 



You can find the nasal drops in your local shops (RRP: £3.05 – but some shops may vary) as well as all their other products and I cannot recommend giving these products a go! Thank you for kindly gifting us this item for us to try, Parent Squad & Snufflebabe, we’re so grateful!

Love from, 

Chloe xo

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