Freddie’s love for food.

We’re fast approaching Freddie being 6 months old (excuse me whilst I go cry a little) literally two weeks off and he’s been in the world for half a year! Time is going TOO fast for my liking but at the same time, watching him become the funny little character he is; is the best. Over the past couple of weeks, he’s changed completely, again. He’s SO funny, cheeky and big. He seems to have really filled out and grown – he is trying so hard to get onto his belly, he’s standing up when you hold him and really pushing on his feet and he even bloody sat up on his OWN the other night, UNSUPPORTED !!! It was literally for like 10 seconds before he fell and began screaming! I felt so guilty but I know there’s gonna be much worse to come. fullsizeoutput_c69.jpeg

With Freddie changing and developing more and more each day, I become even more proud of him, but with his quickly developing milestones coming at us; the boy needs more energy… and where is he going to get that from? Food.

Freddie has been having breakfast ever since he was about 18/19 weeks. We first tried him on baby rice – it didn’t go well. I wasn’t expecting him to like the first lot he had because of it being a new texture and not milk out of his bottle but he wasn’t having any of it. I persisted with it over a couple of days but he still wasn’t interested in it, which made me think he wasn’t ready; so we held off. Holding off was a mixed decision – I wanted him on food as he was drinking so much milk.. 7oz every 2-3 hours. We were going through a tub of formula within 5 days! 5 months soon came and I knew it was time to try again, but this time with porridge. I gave Freddie some porridge on the spoon put it in his mouth and we were off – the boy nearly finished the whole bowl! Porridge has been such a hit with Freddie, he knows as soon as it is 8:45am, it’s porridge time! He see’s the bowl and spoon and he gets so excited and begins to cry with impatience – he demolishes the whole bowl within minutes. We began adding strawberry and banana into his porridge and he loves it more! IMG_1278

About a week ago, I decided it was time to introduce more food to Freddie – this time dinners. He was still guzzling milk like no tomorrow and he’s began waking in the night, crying and hungry for a bottle. I’m aware that around this age, they have a HUGE development leap and go through a sleep regression and waking up in the night doesn’t necessarily mean they need food, but in this case; Freddie definitely does. I didn’t feel ready to consider ‘big-boy food’, I wasn’t ready for him to go in his own room at 4 months – but that happened! I knew he needed it and I knew he was ready, but I couldn’t believe it was about to happen this soon. My little 6lbs,2oz babe was no more needing only me or formula for food – he needed proper food. I started off with potato and carrot – loved. Then we moved onto potato and broccoli – didn’t love so much – but it’s all trial and error and I’ll begin to learn what he likes and what he doesn’t. 

One night, we were having a good stew for dinner so I decided to give some to Freddie – I was sceptical because of the fats, salt and sugars that is in gravy but I thought, the tiniest amount isn’t going to hurt and it was a one-off. Well, Freddie clearly loved it because it was GONE. He had potato, carrot, parsnip & swede in it and he left the tiniest amount. I didn’t expect him to love food as much or as quickly as he does. 73A812B6-8CFE-453B-89E1-F499AA0BE27FI was so happy that he loved stew as it is something I’ve grown up eating and love SOOOO much!!! 

We went out and bought a little hand-blender and loads more fresh veggies ready to begin batch making him food – as I don’t have the time everyday to stand, prep and cook him dinner when he is the clingiest little babe right now. I did him a mixture of different foods which consisted of potato, carrot, broccoli, parsnip and swede. So far Freddie has demolished all of the foods. I’ve been adding his milk into them so he’s still getting all the nutrition he needs from that too and so it’s a familiar taste for him. He’s not too much of a fan of broccoli however – that he has no interest in (gets that from his dadda!). Next up for him to try is sweet potato – I’ve heard sweet potato is a favourite for most babies; so I’m excited to see his reaction to it. We’ve also tried rusk biscuits in his milk, again – DEMOLISHES it. 

So he’s having his breakfast, he’s now having dinners and getting better with them and we’ve noticed a big difference in him. He’s got bigger, happier and he’s clearly fuller as he isn’t needing as much milk and the best thing? He’s gone back to sleeping!! Honestly, me and Ryan have both agreed that the sleep-regression he has been and is going through, is worse than when Freddie was a newborn, because with a newborn – you somewhat prepare to be up most of the night with the baby. Whereas, if you’re lucky like us and have a baby who began to sleep through (11/12 hours a night) from the age of 4 months, to all of a sudden go back to being awake every hour (or half an hour in our case) is a BIG shock to the system! So to have him back sleeping is a god-send, I can deal with him waking up once in the night and even early in the morning, just not every half an hour. Although, I tried to think of it in a positive way – I’ll never get those moments of him wanting to be snuggled in, smiling and giggling back at me again. He’s my little baby and soon – before I know it, he’ll be 10, running around and far too cool to cuddle mummy.

We’ve also been sitting Freddie in his high-chair to try and get him used to it… he HATES it. Freddie is now beginning to sip water from his little green sippy-cup that I bought for him when I was like 6-7 months pregnant with him and I was definitely not prepared to be using it this soon! He just looks adorable when he drinks from it and he’s even got into the habit already, of spitting it back out and laughing.

Freddie is now also having some little fruit purées too. He tried banana and apple on Sunday and he couldn’t get enough of it. He cried when I took the pouch away and I felt so bad but I didn’t want to give him the whole thing, especially when it was his first try of one. I think he is definitely going to have a sweet tooth like me and his daddy but I’m really hoping he is going to carry on the love for fruits and veggies. I as a child was a very fussy eater and wouldn’t eat anything which led to me having years of trouble with foods and being very poorly and that is most definitely something I don’t want for Freddie.

I think it’s fair to say that Freddie is a lover of food and I can’t wait to keep seeing his taste-buds and love for food grow. Freddie isn’t behind in anyway or delayed, but he isn’t quite at the stage of being able to reach out, or hold toys or objects yet, like most other babies his age or younger; so finger-foods and baby-led weaning is quite a way off.. which secretly I’m glad about as it means I get to keep him a ‘baby’ for longer, but I am extremely excited for when he is ready to start feeding himself and creating the biggest messes. 

What have you tried with your little ones? What are their favourite foods so far? Do you have any suggestions for me to try?

Thanks for reading!

Love Chloe x

Top tip – freeze some fruits into food pacifiers, so when your little babes are teething – instantly cold, soothing relief.

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