14 things I miss about being pregnant.

Now, it’s fair to say that I didn’t have the best of pregnancies once I’d hit the third trimester. Anything and everything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong and I was pretty fed up of being so ill and feeling so rundown 24/7, but we’ll save all of that for another post. As grateful and as thankful as I am to have been give the chance of being pregnant and carrying my baby, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. 

I struggled with a lot of things during my pregnancy. I found it hard to go from being so tiny to really big and covered in stretch marks (I hate myself for all the times I called myself fat before having a baby!!!) I found all the anxieties of the ‘not knowing’ draining. Every little twinge, pain, niggle would send me into a frenzy of panic. Even though work ended for me at 30 weeks, work was hard and knackering. I hated the fact that (but also loved and was grateful for) everyone was constantly worried about me and didn’t leave me alone for more than 10 minutes. My insomnia and nightmares got worse than they’d ever been before and sleep became non-existent. I couldn’t get comfortable at all. Heartburn, sickness and constant pain was frustrating and there was so much more. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some people so much worse off than me but it was tough; more tough than I anticipated it to be.

I was keen for my pregnancy to be over and when I was told at 35 weeks “we’re going to bring you in next Monday, when you’re 36 weeks; to get this baby out of you.” I was jumping for joy. I cried and completely freaked out, but I was excited. A) to finally meet my baby and B) for all the problems of my pregnancy to be done with. I didn’t think there was going to be a single thing that I would miss about being pregnant, but boy was I wrong. I continuously said “I’m not going to miss this at all.” about everything, but… here are 14 things I miss about being pregnant.

1. Elasticated waistbands:

Maternity clothes were one of the highlights for me in pregnancy, or in my case; just normal clothes in a bigger size. It was the only time I felt comfortable enough to wear leggings and big comfy clothes in public. The occasional tight top was nice to show off my bump, but I took comfiness over style any day. It also gave me the chance to experiment with different colours and styles thanks to a different body-shape, but now? Nope, straight back to my standard black jeans and mono-tone coloured tops.

2. The attention and care:

When you’re pregnant, everyone just seems to be so much nicer and affectionate towards you. People are more friendly and considerate and warming towards you and the bump. The one thing I loved, was how much everyone cared for me and tried to look after me, especially Ryan. He’d constantly tickle my back, rub it and massage it, run me baths, make me food and drinks, get me things, plump up my pillows and tuck me up, take me places and so much more, get me food, cuddle me, kiss me. Just everything. He still does it all now, but I think when you’re pregnant, you appreciate it so much more.

3. Fooooooooood:

Food. Yum. Once past the horrendous sickness I had, eating was by far the best thing. You can get away with eating whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. Craving something? You didn’t have to justify why or the fact you’d eaten so much of it. But better than eating whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted without judgements? I could eat as much as I wanted and not have to suck in afterwards to hide my ‘food-baby’ because it was an actual baby growing.  

4. Naps:

Sleeping at night time didn’t happen for me, I couldn’t get comfortable, Freddie seemed to come alive during the night and my nightmares were horrendous. So, napping through the day was my go to and besides, I did have plenty of time to do it. The best thing about napping, was no one would wake you and no one could stop you or judge you for sleeping for the entire day. 

5. The check-ups:

Going to my first scan was the most exciting thing. I knew I was pregnant, but for me this was the confirmation and I got to meet my little baby. I’m still gutted Ryan missed our 12 week scan but he was there for all the others! The only positive of having problems towards the end, was all the extra check-ups and scans I got to have. Seeing our little baby on the screen was so magical and getting to see how much he was growing each time. We also had a 3D scan which was fascinating and I recommend anyone paying the money for one. Also, hearing his little heartbeat was so reassuring!

6. The skin, the hair, the glow:

One good thing about my pregnancy, was that I was lucky in how nice my skin was. I’ve struggled with acne for years, but my skin was so nice throughout, it was glowy and dewy and breakouts, didn’t happen. Now, ha.. back with vengeance. Same goes for my hair, I could go like 3-4 days without washing it and it would still look like I had just washed it, it grew so fast and was so nice and thick. But now, it’s dead, greasy as anything and keeps falling out. Post-partrum hair loss is a bitch! 

7. The anticipation and excitement:

As everyday grew closer to meeting Freddie, my excitement got even bigger and more real. Every scan, every hospital check (twice weekly), every movement, every little preparation for him to be here was making my insides tingle. There’s just something amazing and magical about waiting on the arrival of your baby. I loved washing all of his clothes and getting them into his draws/wardrobe, buying little things for him, setting up his pushchair, his cot, having his Moses basket next to the bed. Just everything. 

8. The bump:

As I said, I found it hard to watch my body get bigger and stretch marks cover my body and when pregnant, I hated having a bump. I hated not being able to do anything, or move, or bend down. But I did, love watching it grow and I used to place my hand all the time on it, so now; yep. I definitely miss it! 

9. Playing the ‘I’m pregnant card’:

Haha, this is my favourite one and one I DEFINITELY miss! The power of being able to say ‘but I’m pregnant’ was amazing, no one dared arguing with you! It’s amazing what kind of things you can get out of when you use that phrase. However, if someone told me to sit down and they’d do it for me; I’d hate it and be enraged. 

10. Baby kicks and movements:

It took me a long time to get used to Freddie moving around inside of me and kicking and punching away and obviously the bigger he got, the stronger it felt. For a long time, I hated feeling the movements and kicks, it freaked me out and felt really strange. As time went on, I began to love them. Feeling him move around inside gave me the warmest, happiest feeling inside, especially towards the end when things were going wrong. I loved watching my tummy move and I always said it wouldn’t be something I miss, but I really do. I miss laying in bed at night, just me and him, tapping my tummy and talking to him for him to then respond by kicking or moving.

11. Me time:

Oh how I miss being able to do what I want, when I want without a care in the world and all the time on my side. I’d do anything to go and have a nice hot bath for hours without worrying about having something to tend to or, paint my nails or just lay in bed all day and watch Netflix, or just go out with the girls and not get mum guilt without missing Freddie within the space of 5 minutes. But, would I change it? No. No. No. Nope, definitely not. Freddie is my number 1 priority and that is what I love. 

12. The empowerment of creating a miracle:

Being pregnant and giving birth made me feel like a ‘woman’. Going through those 2 things, made me feel so empowered and strong. It fascinated me everyday how I was growing a human-being in my body and I was the one to be getting out at the end of it all. These 2 experiences made me feel amazing and proud of myself for going through only what a woman can. I miss how feminine I felt! It might seem crazy, but in between the morning sickness and being super uncomfortable near the end, there were these amazing moments where I felt so in tune with my body and the little life growing inside me! I could feel myself glowing and it was the best! Isn’t it amazing, that we can grow a human? Seriously! 


13. The bond:

One thing I did love, was the bond I gained with Freddie during the pregnancy, we have an incredible bond now that I dreamt of having but that bond when they’re inside; is like no other. It’s just you and your baby, no one else. People can rub your belly, touch it and talk to it but you’re the one growing that baby. Freddie always sensed when I was down because he’d be booting away at me and it’d instantly cheer me up. We’d be led in bed and he’d be moving away and making my tummy go all kind of shapes. I love our bond now even more than when he was inside, but it’s definitely something I miss. 

14. That ‘safe’ feeling:

I never knew how scary things could be in the world until Freddie was presented to me. I have so much to protect him from and keep him safe from in the world, compared to having him inside of me. I definitely miss the feeling of knowing I was keeping him safe whilst growing him, whereas now; I have to do even more in keeping him safe.

What things do you miss about being pregnant? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading! Love from,

Chloe x


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